Fact From Fiction….

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In all walks of life and in all situations it can sometimes be difficult separating fact from fiction. But nowhere is that more true then during an organizing effort. There’s a wide range of tactics, misinformation, and spin doctoring that goes on during such an effort. There’s a reason why employers, management, lawyers, and decision makers always use the same tactics to stifle your efforts at obtaining better wages, better benefits, and better conditions. The reason why, is because these tactics
are effective. It’s really that simple. The following list contains some of the most common misrepresentation of the facts used by management to STOP your efforts at obtaining a voice in your workplace.


Management – “I’ll close the shop down and you will all be out of work.”

BSI has been in business for over 30 years. The engineers, office staff, electricians, cranes, bucket trucks, vans, and all that equipment is not going away.
BSI is a fully functional electrical contractor and will continue to be so. There are laws in place to prevent such action.


Management – “If you join the union you  will all be out of work and “ride the bench.”

The fact is, Local 98 has maintained 85% employment and more for it’s members throughout the recession. Not to mention there has been work opportunities in other Locals for any Local 98 member who wanted that work. How much has BSI’s workforce shrunk since the recession?


Management – “All they want is for you to pay union dues.”

Union dues are minimal. Dues support representational activities that help secure work, negotiate health care, retirement, education, officers salaries,
the brick & mortar buildings, etc.


Management – “Even if you’re not working you still have to pay union dues.”

You only pay union dues while working. If you become injured, sick, or unemployed for any other reason you do not pay dues.


Management – “Even if you decide to vote for the union I do not have to recognize the union.”

The employer is legally bound to recognize the union as your bargaining unit after a successful union election.


Management – “The union claims to get you a higher hourly wage but then takes your health care out of your check.”

As Local 98 members, your health care is an ADDITION to your hourly wage and…
…. is PAID for entirely by your employer.

Management – “The union claims to get you a better retirement but lays you off before your vested so they don’t have to pay for your retirement”.

As Local 98 members your pension is insured and protected. The very people who negotiate these plans are YOUR elected representation.
Why would YOUR elected representation not have your best interest in mind?
Why would the 4000+ members of Local 98 continue to be members if this was the case?


Management – “I’ll fire anybody who votes for the union.”

Union elections are 100% anonymous. There is no way for anyone to find out how anyone votes in a union election.

If the I.B.E.W. and Local 98 in particular was such an awful option for better wages and better benefits, then why would management spend so much time, and effort in an attempt to destroy it’s reputation and the reputation of anyone who wishes to join?
What is their motive???