The Trumpf Project…..

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Looks like the Trumpf Project is getting close to manning up. Just in time for the cool fall weather too. Looks like one of those projects that will last well into the cold months, of course with the winters we have been having, who knows, could go on forever……

20140828_135003 (1)


…..That’s a hell of a drive from the shop too, about 60 miles….


The question is, who can afford to work there? That’s a pretty big pay cut coming from the prison project, not including the extra drive time…
So, who gets to work at Trumpf? BSI’s seasoned, long time employee’s OR will it be the new hires?
There’s no doubt that the long time BSI employee’s have earned the right to be at the prison and make “the rate”….
BUT we’re sure the new guys have been busting their humps too…..feeling like that also earned the right to make “the rate”…..



To bad, with a signed agreement from I.B.E.W. Local 98, EVERYONE, no matter where they work, earns “the rate”,
Looking forward to seeing you guys out at Trumpf.